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Mission Statement: Our "Why"

Your “why?” is your purpose. Purpose is what directs and drives us in life.

A Mission Statement is a clear and concise statement of that purpose.

Over the past few weeks, we've been updating our website and its content. One of our biggest goals has been to be able to accurately communicate our "Why?" with the public. What we mean by this is to communicate "Why do we exist as a business, and why we teach boxing?" In essence, the goal was to communicate our purpose as an establishment and reason for existence. To do this, we saw our entire website has been an opportunity for us to do so.

There was one part of our website that I believed would be the place where we could communicate this "Why" the most. But I feared that it could be overlooked because I have overlooked this area in other businesses as well. That place was the Mission Statement tab.

I once read this book called "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek. It was about how at the center of the most successful companies, their business strategies are purpose driven. I learned from this book that people support businesses because of why they do things as opposed to what they do. They used Apple as an example. I thought it was a good read and it transformed my outlook on business and how TCB would be run.

What I got from this book is that without a proper mission and deep enough desire to create value in the world, there would be no sense in continuing with TCB. This book forced me to dig deep and reveal my insecurities to myself and the world as to "Why?" TCB even started and should remain in the first place.

Updating our content has been a humbling experience. Through this experience, we had to become vulnerable. But through this vulnerability, we have a new-found strength and courage, which we hope could inspire others. Our mission statement has been updated and made clear and concise to the best of our abilities. Although mission statements could change, at the moment for us, our mission "To teach boxing" remains.

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” ―W. Clement Stone

revised on August 20, 2019

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