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The long intermission.

It's been a long intermission and we're back! Since April 17, 2018 to be precise. "Where the hell ya been?", they ask. The answer is: We've been working, on sabbatical. A lot has happened since our last post: We've remodeled the gym, twice! Got a new logo that my friends mother created for us. God bless them both. It was seven years in the making and we feel like we finally have the one. And lastly, we tripled our memberships! To say the least its been a hell of a year, super busy, and we're happy to say we are back to blogging and in a better place, clearer mindset than we were before. Our gym infrastructure needed some refinement so our focus shifted internally. Anyways, we're back to blogging and are really excited about the new content that is yet to come. We hope that you all stay tuned, for its going to be an interesting ride.

-Positive Vibes,

Omar Albanil

CEO Tampa City Boxing


4435 N Lauber Way, Tampa, FL 33614, USA