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Originally, when I started this blog two posts ago, it really did not have much direction. After a couple of posts however, this blog’s purpose began to cement. Its purpose being, to give the public a different perspective of the sport of boxing. Tonight’s subject is heavy. This post is about Tampa’s professional boxing scene. Throughout the years, Tampa has been a hot-bed for professional boxers and has had its fair share of boxing prospects. Many prospects full of talent, skill and all the promise in the world, yet to this day, very few have been able to make it past a certain level. Why is that? being today’s question. In my opinion, it could be any number of variables: fighters are mismanaged, overmatched, undertrained, misguided or maybe even, they just don’t have enough to cut it in the big leagues. Whatever the reasons may be, there still many out there who believe that Tampa can produce the next generation of boxing superstars. “The City of Champions”, Tampa has been dubbed, but the questions remain; Can Tampa produce the next generation of boxing superstars? If so, whats holding it back? and whats the solution? It is my hope that the solution will be found.

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