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"The untold true story of how "Bird Boxing" came about."

It was January 12, 2019, Saturday night, and the thought occurred to me, "We have to do this tomorrow!" By every means what-so-ever, I got on the phone and started making calls. "Sunday! 2 PM! Lets do it!" Everyone that answered their phone was on board with the idea, and within 24 hours, I had assembled a crew to film a special project called "Bird Boxing." Coming fresh off of the momentum of the Netflix hit movie "Bird Box", and all of the meme's surrounding the hit, I figured for Tampa City Boxing there was no time like the present, but to create their own spin-take on the movie. The plot would be simple: if everyone listened, everyone would make it. The story started out with pre-shift meeting outlining the guidelines to the training. Following that, would be a sequence of all the boxer's training regimens with their blindfolds on. Lastly, we would all sail away into the sunset and live happily ever after. Unfortunately this was not the case, and for Tampa City Boxing, we once again learned the lesson, "things don't always go as planned." The problem arose when it came to the rowboat scene. Originally we had six people that were going to survive. Unfortunately one of them couldn't make it to the boat scene, so we were left with five surviving boxers. At the boat scene everyone was going to live, but we encountered a problem; we only had one boat and all five of us couldn't fit in it. While awaiting permission to borrow another boat so all members of the team could survive, there was a race against time. The sun was beginning to set and we were running out of light to mimic the original movie's iconic rowboat river scene. Running out of time, a last minute decision had to be made: "We're only using one boat!" On that boat, not everyone could fit so the inevitable happened. Some people didn't make it. We were able to squeeze three people on the boat, hence the final version of our script and final scene of our video. To summarize everything, things didn't go as planned so we had to improvise. This being said, in our opinion, the video didn't turn out so bad. Just sharing this story of our weekend adventure as to "The true story of how "Bird Boxing" came about."

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