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Waiting on the world to change. Working to change the world.

There's some people that believe life is predetermined. That no matter what we do, whatever happened was supposed to happen. On the contrary, there are others that believe in free will. That we as humans possess the power to alter our future and change the course of history. At TCB, believe in the latter with combination of the former. While one can await for that golden moment of opportunity to happen, and call it destiny if it ever occurs, simultaneously there are others who went out there willing their dreams to reality. Was it willed or was it fate?

On the brink of new years resolutions, it has come to consciousness that although timing and opportunity has its role in destiny, in our experience, being prepared to the best of our abilities goes hand in hand when lightning strikes. Push come to shove if your goals aren't in your near future, take that step forward in the right direction and so you can say it was meant to be when it finally happens. There's no growth in comfort zone. Peace, love and positive vibes.



4435 N Lauber Way, Tampa, FL 33614, USA